New Cangu Premium. Folder, automatic transfer and wrapper

It includes all the new developments SPlines has been making. Point to point embosser, printing units, both independenly driven, etc.

Aeneas Premium - High production processing line.  Manufactured entirely by SPlines, composed of:

1) Folder including revolver unwinder, laminator, independently driven printing unit, etc..

2) Automatic transfer model Hytrans with nippers. recently developed, no marks on stacks. 

3) Wrapper model Hypack Plus - high production wrapper.


Automatic transfer WITH NIPPERS. Great quality in product achieved, no marks left.

 Adaptable to existing folders (regardless of brand)

Automatic line for  Kangaroo napkings including point to point embosser, printing unit, automatic transfer and wrapper

New automatic rewinding line for tablecloth rolls. Material Non wovens (tissue possible), perforating from  200 to 2000mm!!!

Folder to produce cleaning "V" y "Z"  folded wipes including printing unit, 3 interchangeable folding heads (20, 30 and 38 cm) with special height of 35 cm. Speed Velocidad: 450 m/min.