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Paper napkins are one of the hallmarks of Splines paper converting machines. The napkins can be of different sizes, designs and folds. SPlines machines offer the possibility of printing them, embossing them with different patterns and finally packaging them.

Kangaroo Napkins (Cutlery Holder)

Kangaroo folded napkins made on Splines machines offer the possibility of different folds, i.e. 1/8 kangaroo, 1/8 book fold, 1/6 book fold or 1/6 kangaroo fold. The best napkin to carry your cutlery.

Mini-Service Napkins

L” folded napkins produced on our 4-way mini-service machine. Bar and dispenser napkins. Format 17×17. Both for tissue and sulphite, also possibility of lamination.

Individual Napkins 1/8

With the Valyrio high production machine we have the production of individual 1/8 folded napkins, this machine has 4 lanes and can produce up to 800 u/min in various formats. It can be both printed and laminated.

Tablecloth Rolls / Table Runners

With Splines automatic rewinders we produce rolls of non-woven fabrics for tablecloths and table runners.

Industrial / Toilet / Stretcher Rolls

With the Splines industrial rewinder, we obtain a multitude of roll types of different materials and sizes.

Agriculture Blanket Rolls

At Splines we have a rewinder designed for the agricultural sector. This machine produces thermal blankets that protect against ultraviolet rays, frost, hail or heavy rain, increase the earliness of the crop and act as an anti-insect barrier, thus reducing the use of pesticides and herbicides. The blankets are made of non-woven fabric and are sewn using an ultrasound system.

Interfolded / Facial / Dispenser Towels

At Splines we also have Zig-Zag interfolded machines that allow us to obtain interfolded towels such as hand towels, sanitary towels, facial towels, etc.


At Splines we produce paper and non-woven machines for the production of 1/8 folded tablecloths. Possibility of printing and also of transferring them to wrapping machines.

Plasticized non-woven Tablecloths

As with Splines, we also have the possibility of adapting our tablecloth machines to produce plasticised non-woven tablecloths.

Wipes / Cleaning Cloths

The cleaning cloths of Splines automatic folding machines can have all kinds of pleats depending on the customer’s needs. 

Make-up remover wipes / Children’s wipes

Depilatory Strips

Non-woven swabs/hisopes

Non-woven dust mops

Disposable sheets / stretcher strips / hospital wipes

Non-woven machines for healthcare products convert all kinds of products such as disposable sheets, stretcher strips, etc. Possibility to select the desired length and number of folds.

Disposable pillowcases

Machine for the manufacture of non-woven pillowcases. Ultrasonic sewing.

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