The Aquiles Premium automatic rewinder developed by Splines for the production of rolls at a speed up to 350 m/min.

The rewinding line is equipped with:
– Unwinder for reels (up to 2,700 mm width/ maximum diameter of 1,500 mm).
– Embosser with steel-rubber cylinder (standard continuous drawing).
– Variable pre-cutting to size.
– Crimping station.
– Length cutting system.
– Automatic cardboard core feeding, paper cutting.
– Automatic adhesive application.
– Roll extraction system and roll stacker before entering the slitting.
– Log saw with 1 m diameter disc.
– Conveyor belt that evacuates the rolls already cut.


Materials to work with

Tissue Paper
Recycled Paper

Products obtained

Industrial rolls
Hygienic rolls
Stretcher rolls

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