• Interfolder to produce interfolded “V” folded towels.
  • Automatic transfer of the stacks from interfolder to the feeding belt of the log saw.
  • Wrapper to wrap the stacks individually in plastic film.
  • Interfolder for the production of V-interfolded towels.
  • Possibility of two 140 cm unwinders or one 280 cm unwinder with longitudinal cutting unit to divide the bands in half and 90º turning unit to overlap the two bands.
  • Steel-wool embossing station, also possible to laminate towels.
  • Automatic transfer of the logs from the interfolder machine to the feeding belt of the log saw.
  • Wrapper machine to pack the logs in plastic film.
  • Material: 2-ply tissue and natural paper.


Materials to work with

Tissue Paper
Non-woven fabric (nwt)
Paper Towel

Products obtained

Interfolded towels
Facial towels
Dispenser towels

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