Packaging machines: packers and case packers


Packaging and case packing machines are used in the vast majority of sectors to facilitate and speed up the packaging process, as well as ensure compliance with the packaging requirements and legalities required by each particular product. In this post, we tell you why they are so important.

What are packaging and case packing machines?

Packers and case packers are industrial equipment specifically designed to automate and streamline the process of packing and packaging products.

Packers are responsible for wrapping products in plastic, cardboard or paper, and packers place these packaged products in boxes or cases for transportation and storage.

In addition, this type of machinery is used in different sectors, although they are mainly used in the food industry to protect and extend the useful life of food, they are also used in restaurants and hospitality, in the home, in hygiene and cleaning, in cosmetics, in medicine or agriculture.

Types of packaging and case packing machines

Packaging machines

We can mainly differentiate three types of packaging machines:

  • Automatic: completely automated and allow handling large production volumes.
  • Semi-automatic: machines that require some manual intervention to load products, but perform the packaging process automatically.
  • Manual: operated entirely by staff. They are machines suitable for low production volumes or products that require a very careful packaging process.

At SPLINES we have the HYPACK-40 model machine, special for packaging high productions of cross-folded napkin packages in plastic film.

Packing machines

Four types of case packers can be distinguished:

  • Automatic: they can assemble the boxes, load the products inside and close them automatically.
  • Top loading: special for trays or products stored in bags.
  • Side loading: for bottles or cans.
  • Bottom loading: for cardboard boxes or products in trays.

At SPLINES we have the HYBOX model automatic case packer that can fit previously packaged packages of napkins, cloths or hand dryers. Packages are introduced into the stacker from the input conveyor forming stacks, and when the maximum allowed number of stacks is reached, they are pushed into the inserter. The folded boxes are manually placed on the input tray which will automatically feed the machine.

Benefits of using packaging and case packing machines

The benefits that the use of this type of machinery can provide are:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity by reducing packaging process times.
  • Reduction of personnel and material costs by minimizing human intervention and optimizing the use of packaging materials.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of packaging and guarantee the standardized process.
  • Increased safety in the workplace by reducing the handling of heavy or dangerous products.
  • Allows increased production.

Contact professionals to acquire your packaging and boxing machinery.

At SPLINES we have more than a decade of experience in the paper, tissue and non-woven fabric processing sector. In addition, we have a wide range of machinery that will cover any of your needs.


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