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The folding of napkins goes beyond the mere function of providing an element to clean hands or protect clothes from untimely stains during any meal or event. It is an element that can elevate the elegance and sophistication of any table, adding a touch of class to any occasion.

In the past, folding napkins was a slow, tedious and monotonous job, in which countless hours of work were lost. Thanks to technological advances in recent years, machines have been designed that manufacture and fold napkins in an automated manner. Allowing workers to focus on their work and not waste hours folding napkins. Throughout this blog we will present all the napkin folding machines that Splines has.

Fenix Low Cost

The Fenix machine is considered the Low Cost napkin folder. In addition, this folder has the possibility of producing and folding napkins in different formats, thus allowing a wider variety of finishes.

The production speed of this machine is about 300 meters per minute, which allows for efficient production.

On the other hand, the Fenix Low Cost folder has the possibility of using several embossers (including end-to-end) and printing groups. The embossers, which are the units through which the layers of paper are joined and the product acquires volume and softness to the touch, are an essential component in this process. In addition, the Fenix Low cost napkin folder can work with both tissue paper and recycled paper, as well as dry tissue paper (airlaid).


The Aenea napkin folder is a high production machine for napkins. The Aeneas’ napkin production and folding speed is up to 600 meters per minute, doubling the speed of the Fenix.

Like the Fenix folding machine, Aenea also includes the possibility of folding napkins into different formats, making it a high production machine. One of the most relevant technical characteristics is that it has a Hytrans for cross napkins with clips, thus streamlining the napkin folding process.

Double output Aeneas

The Aeneas double napkin folder is the older sister of the Aeneas folder. This machine is specialized in the high production of 20×20 cm cross-folded napkins. In addition, it has up to 4 production routes, offering a production of up to 1,800 units/minute. Like its simple version, the materials it works with are tissue paper, recycled paper and dry paper (airlaid).

Cangu premium and Cangu premium with double outlet

The Cangu Premium model Splines line is a napkin machine specialized in the production and folding of 39 cm napkins. These napkins are called kangaroo type or cutlery holders, given their shape.

In addition to its kangaroo-type napkin format, it also has the possibility of mini kangaroo and ⅛ book-type napkin formats. The premium Cangu folder also includes an end-to-end laminator and printing unit to add additional details as needed.

The materials that the Cangu premium napkin folder works with are tissue paper, recycled paper and dry tissue (airlaid). In addition, this machine has a double output option to increase its capacity and production speed.

Apolo (Miniservice)

The Apolo machine is specialized in folding mini-service or “L”-folded napkins. These napkins are normally found in napkin rings or bar tables.

The materials this napkin folder works with are tissue paper and sulfite paper, which gives that characteristic look to bar napkins. Among the most notable features are tip-to-tip gluing and the possibility of printing.


The Valyrio machine is specialized in the production and folding of individual ⅛ napkins. It is a high production machine, which allows large manufacturing volumes. The production speed reached is up to 800 units per minute, and with the possibility of different formats.

In addition, it has the possibility of several embossers and different printing groups, to be able to add any customization details. As for the range of materials it works with, it consists of tissue paper and dry tissue paper (airlaid).


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