Automatic Transfer: Automatic Napkin Pack Separation and Turning Machines

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Automatic separating and turning machines are a crucial part in the napkin manufacturing sector and for the automatic transfer process. In this post we tell you what automatic transfer is and what separation and turning machines are.

What is automatic transfer?

Within the napkin manufacturing industry, automatic transfer refers to the automatic process that allows individual napkins to be transferred from a continuous roll of paper to a final package without the need for manual intervention.

This process is crucial to be done automatically through a machine to streamline production and ensure efficiency.

What are automatic napkin bundle separating and turning machines?

These machines are specialized equipment for separating napkins one by one, turning them over and transferring them to the final package. It is a precise and fast process, which ensures a uniform and aesthetic presentation of the napkins. Thanks to them, the need for manual handling is eliminated, which reduces costs and speeds up the process.

Separation machines are responsible for separating the packages of napkins into equal groups, preventing them from accumulating or adhering to each other. While automatic turning machines are responsible for turning separate napkins in the same orientation to ensure uniform and attractive presentation within the packages.

Types of automatic transfer machines

  • Cross napkin transfer with clips
  • Standard Cross Napkin Transfer
  • Transfer for miniservice and kangaroo type napkins

Benefits of using automatic transfer machines

  • Increased efficiency and productivity by reducing times thanks to the speed and agility with which these machines work, allowing a more efficient workflow.
  • Reduction of labor costs by eliminating human errors.
  • Material reduction minimizing waste.
  • Improvement of the quality of the final product, guaranteeing a uniform and aesthetic presentation.

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