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New project!, Hybox boxer

With this machine we get a fully automated line where products, in addition of being produced, transferred and packaged, are automatically put into boxes.

With this new project SPlines aims to meet our customers'  needs , being able to offer a fully automatic production line.

Of course this Hybox boxing machine can be added to existing production lines or endings.

♦ Great acceptance of our new model Hypack.

Splines has developed a new kind of wrapper, it is cheaper and shares the same performances as the former.

This model, called Hypack is a low-cost wrapper that is having good acceptance among our customers, it allows to produce about 18-20 packs/minute (also available for higher productions). The introduction of pneumatical elements is one of its most remarkable features.

We are at present manufacturing several wrappers of this type.

♦ Taking part at national and international exhibitions.

One of SPlines aims is to be able to enhance national and international markets. That is the reason why we spend our resources in being known as the solid  and trustable company we are

We are improving our manufacturing to be able to provide complete solutions to our customer's needs and try to let our customer's know about it.

♦ New facilities to cover the production needs demanded by our customers.

We have enhanced our investments in moving to new facilities capable of providing our customers with the quality they deserve.

Adding to these new facilities, we have also human resources to design our equipments. We have highly qualified Technicians that, using new technologies are able to meet your needs. Most our our equipments electric and electronic problems may be solved at our place, regardless of the distance